Cooking is like therapy

Cooking for me is like therapy. See, no matter what happens in my day I know that there is a place in the world where I can stand and just be me. I can tailor my world to match whatever mood I’m in. I am my own doctor with the freedom to prescribe whatever mood altering drug I need, including but certainly not limited to steak, tilapia, garlic or whatever else my mind and body may be in need of that day. It does not matter how chaotic the rest of the world is or how bad my day has been I can guarantee that the the taste of poached pears covered in vanilla frozen yogurt topped with an almond vanilla rum whipped cream smothered in a sweet red wine reduction sauce WILL change your attitude.

The kitchen is a place that has no boundaries and rules, merely recommendations. If you look at cooking in this way the possibilities are endless. There are no bad tasting ingredients merely poor combinations. I look at cooking as a challenge to like everything I taste. I challenge you to do the same, don’t like salmon? Find a way to cook it so you do, it can be done, I swear.

I suppose that since this is a new year I should leave you with my resolution. Go to therapy every day.


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