And The Award Goes Too….

It’s awards season. You know the time of year that you are forced to sit and stare at the television and look at all the famous people with too much money, that spend more money on a single outfit, that they are only going to wear once, than I make in a year. Lets celebrate!!!!!! I assure you the timing of this culinary creation was pure coincidence. I swear, I got on Facebook and read in my news feed that the Academy Award nominations were released this morning. Anyway on to the rest of the story.

Kimberly and I had a little bet that you couldn’t bake popcorn into a cupcake. Well, she was right…..kinda. Okay I am a guy; it’s hard to admit when I am wrong not in the right. You cannot get a kernel to pop inside a cupcake. Well, I couldn’t at least. But I am persistent so after failing, having difficulty, I had to continue this idea and decided to approach this from a different angle. After a little bit okay a lot of brainstorming I came up with a kind of crazy, definitely unique, one of a kind cupcake flavor. I now present to you…..The Oscar! (Okay, the name is not coincidence)

This cupcake features a sweet butter cupcake topped with a salty butter cream topped with real popcorn drizzled with dulce de leche.

It is a unique blend of salty and sweet. I know your probably thinking two things 1) Shaun, you’re crazy you can’t put popcorn on a cupcake and 2) you should probably leave the baking to Kimberly. To respond to the first part… you can and I did put popcorn on it. And to respond to the second part I say…you’re right and I usually do, but we had a bet!

I’ll admit that this cake isn’t for everyone. Once you get past the concept of popcorn and salty butter cream it’s actually pretty tasty. Even better than that is the texture. Kimberly is a huge texture person so I am hoping she’s gonna like this thing. The cake is soft and moist and the popcorn adds a nice crunch to it. So we shall see what she says when I see her tonight.


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5 Responses to And The Award Goes Too….

  1. Nicole says:

    That is prolly the most awesome cupcake ever.

  2. dessertary says:

    We’re working on finding a local place to sell or a place to own ourselves. Currently we’re a cottage industry so we can take orders/cater.
    We have a website,, that shows more of the cupcakes we’re currently working on. We’re also completely open to suggestions. We like a challenge.

  3. benawalters says:

    Thanks again for another amazing sample! I really enjoyed it. Did you use any of my spices in it? Also, I know that Dessertary becoming a member (not sure what the cost would be for you all) of Experience Columbus is probably a bit premature at this point, but you all should at least do a web-listing with them (that’s free).

    Otherwise, keep dropping those samples off ’cause we love ’em. Also, I thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm and creativity with which you all bake.

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