How do you define normal?

Most people in their mid-20s spend their Friday evenings out drinking, dancing, enjoying the company of other 20-somethings.

I spent last night at the grocery store. Then I watched some Food Network. Then I went to the grocery store again. Guess what I did when I came home? I watched some more Food Network.

I’m diseased.

Shaun spent his Friday evening with those 20-somethings who had been drinking and celebrating life. Granted, he was working in a hospital. I guess we could say he was experiencing the aftermath of their Friday night life decisions. But that’s a whole other story.

Back to me; I am the important one after all.

I bought lots of fresh herbs last night. We use a lot of dried herbs and spices. I have to have a purpose, a reason to buy things fresh.

We’ve also been eating a lot of chili in preparation for a chili competition in February. My body was craving something besides chili. Something with eggs. And baked yummy-ness. Maybe sausage. I’m a big fan of brunch; can you tell?

I came home armed with dill, parsley, thyme and these red chard things that thoroughly intrigued me. I also realized that I have three kinds of onion like things in my apartment at this moment. Is that weird?

Now that we’ve thoroughly established that we’re not like “normal” 20-somethings, we’ll just drive the point home.

We were awake by 8 this morning. Someone forgot his gym shoes at his place, so we skipped the workout this morning. (I didn’t really want to go anyway, but shhhhh, don’t tell him. I want him to think I’m upset about it.) By 8:30 we were in the kitchen. We weren’t pouring cereal or eating cold pizza. We made coffee with a french press (which we could stand on a soapbox about) and we started warming the oven and doing things like boiling water for grits.

Christmas in a pan!

Mostly I just wanted to saute that neat looking red chard I bought. Did you see how cool that stuff looks?!? You should scroll back up and look again. Tell me that’s not one of the prettiest leafy green veggies ever.

So we cooked up some grits (yeah, we’re 90 years old and kind of country), sauteed the chard with garlic (duh, what else would you have sauteed it with) and prepared for an epic Saturday brunch. Okay, it wasn’t that epic. It was delicious though.

Those pretty little cups up there are filled with cooked grits, a few tablespoons of marinara sauce, topped with the sauteed chard, some cheese and an egg. All you have to do is slide that little uncooked egg on top of the whole mixture and throw it in the oven. We didn’t measure anything (because we’re too discombobulated in the mornings to measure anything; we’re too discombobulated at all times of the day to really measure anything) but we did bake them at 400 degrees F for about 15 minutes until those eggs were set. Top ’em off with some green onions, dill and thyme and you’ve got breakfast in a cup.

There may have been some sun-dried tomato chicken sausages involved. And some banana bread pudding that we threw together with the banana bread I made the other day. It looks like a big pile of slop. Sorry. We promise it tastes prettier than it looks.

And now we’re off to do other normal things. Like buy cake pans and Minnie Mouse themed baking items. We’ve got a birthday cake to build. Big stuff.

What about you? What’s normal on a Saturday morning?

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2 Responses to How do you define normal?

  1. Nicole says:

    Too bad there isn’t a category for spicy cupcakes…or is there?

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