Ice-pocalypse 2011

We’re not going to get snowed in. We’ve accepted it. We want a snow day, but we also would like a million dollars. Neither are going to happen. We’re both teachers/ educators/ instructors of the world. The likelihood of either of us being fortunate enough to have a snow day tomorrow is pretty much zero.

So we’re over it.

But we prepared nonetheless. While others were out buying necessities like candles, batteries and milk, we were buying $25 worth of cheese in addition to extra powdered sugar and baking powder.

Priorities people, priorities.

Since we aren’t getting snowed in and we’ve clearly still got our electricity (and a lovely gas stove), we’re making things. Delicious things.

Like bananas wrapped in bacon covered in greek yogurt and assorted cheeses.

We’re telling you people, delicious things.

We’re avid fans of the Food Network (in case that wasn’t apparent before). The other night the Iron Chef battle was gruyere. Love us some cheese. Right now we’ve got about 6 kinds ranging from bleu to goat to apricot stilton in the fridge.

Anyway, back to gruyere. We were so entranced by the Iron Chef’s challenger and his dishes that we knew were going to be buying some cheese in the near future. Okay, so that was a given before we watched the show.

The dish that most intrigued us was his take on a classic french dish with ham and cheese that also included endives. He made a comment about hating endives and so his mom would substitute bananas. Whether or not that is true, the combination of ham and banana topped with cheese and a little creme fraiche was enough to make us go “hm” and stare blankly at each other.

We can’t go to the store without forgetting something and this time it was creme fraiche, so we used what we had: greek yogurt. Yum. The first time we tried this recipe we used ham, a nice deli sliced ham from Trader Joe’s. The second time we amped it up. We used thick sliced bacon. Because bacon makes the world go round. Especially if it’s fried and dipped in chocolate.

We also used half “normal” bananas (you know the yellow kind) and half red bananas (the cute itty bitty bananas that are a brownish red in color).

We also may have put a different cheese on each banana. We used gruyere, apricot stilton, provolone, a soft goat cheese, an Ohio soft cheddar and a jalapeño white cheddar. Honestly, picking a favorite cheese is like picking a favorite baking or frying pan. They’re all good for something different. In this recipe, they were all delicious. It depends if you want to up the sweet or savory factor of the dish (or in some cases incorporate a little spicy).

Bacon wrapped bananas (serves 2, or 1 if you’re hungry)

  • 1 banana, halved and cut lengthwise
  • 2 small red bananas (or you could use 2 normal yellow bananas)
  • 6 slices of bacon or ham
  • 1/4-1/3 cup of creme fraiche (or greek yogurt, heck you could probably try cream cheese)
  • assorted cheeses (something melt-able)

Wrap each banana piece in bacon so that the entire banana is covered. Lay each piece side by side in a baking dish. Cover with a thin layer of greek yogurt and then sprinkle with your cheeses. Bake in a preheated oven at 375 degrees F until the bacon is fully cooked and the cheese is melted. Optional: turn on your broiler and cook just long enough for the cheese to get brown and bubbly.

We loved this. It’s such an odd combination but it works. The salty/sweet/creamy combo is to die for.

We tend to like our bacon a little crispy so next time I think we’d cook the bananas and bacon a bit before adding the cheese. The cheese melts quickly in some cases and the bacon was just a little chewier than we like it (but still fully cooked).

Next time we’re going to add seasoning and spices.

Because we can’t leave well enough alone.

-Shaun and Kimberly

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