The $400 chocolate cake.

That’s about how much the chocolate cake (that we will NEVER be blogging about) that Shaun made two nights ago ended up costing us.

Okay. Okay. Now I have to blog about it because I have to tell you what’s so special about this cake that made it cost about 400 big ones.

Well, let’s just say that about 1/3 of that cake ended up in the belly of a very new doggy we may have adopted a week ago.

It's a good thing I'm cute.

And that dog may have escaped from her cage in a frantic anxiety attack that caused her to set off the house alarm, dispatch the police and interrupt her mommy and daddy from a dinner date night.

No big deal. I mean, she only set of the alarm alerting ADT at about 8:30PM. And ya know, managed to consume a chocolate cake while she was running wildly through the house.

Did you know that pure cocoa powder is the worst kind of chocolate a dog can consume? Apparently if you’re going to feed your dog chocolate it should be white or some other phony baloney crap. We like dark chocolate and cocoa powder. The two worst things you can feed your dog.

Lucky us. Emergency trip to the vet + injection to make puppy puke chocolate cake + charcoal (I still don’t understand what the fluff that was for) + fluids overnight (which she never actually received since she chewed through the line immediately after it was put in) + overnight vet stay + anxiety meds (yes, our dog is medicated, something that I will probably need to be shortly) = $400

I didn't do a thing mom and dad, I swear.


This dog better live forever after that.

Oh well. She didn’t eat my MacBook or my Converse. And she lived for us to tell the tale.


Priorities people, priorities.

Now that we’ve not blogged about the chocolate cake, on to more important things.

Kala namak salt. Fondly known as fart salt round this house. Ya know that eggy, sulfury smell you get when hard boiled eggs are fragrant or you drive by some sort of a factory that reeks of sulfur? That’s what this stuff smells like. Sulfur in pellet form. Who wouldn’t want to eat that? I know it’s something I should cook with or garnish a beautiful meal with, but let’s be real people, I like to bake.

We were told by our friend Ben down at North Market Spices that this stuff is awesome in a bloody mary. I had every intention of trying to make a bloody mary cupcake with it. I’ll be honest though, this cupcake isn’t exactly reminiscent of a bloody mary, but the idea is there.

I busted out the new sun dried tomato powder we purchased from, you guessed it, North Market Spices and mixed it up in a traditional white cake mix. Added the crushed fart kala namak salt to a standard butter cream and drizzled the whole thing with some white chocolate ganache infused with vodka.




We think so.

Oddly delicious

Go pick up some fart salt at North Market Spices. Trust me. They’ll know what you’re talking about.


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2 Responses to The $400 chocolate cake.

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  2. Aww… Such a cute dog! 🙂

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