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Python and pumpkin. But not together.

Let’s start with pumpkin, the food we’re all probably more familiar with. Last fall I went through the canned pumpkin shortage crisis. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I started reading online that the pumpkin crops had been bad and I … Continue reading

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Spicy Is the New Sweet

So I had the day off yesterday. Rare but wonderful none the less. A couple of weeks, okay, months ago, a reader made a comment on our blog with regard to whether or not there was such a thing as … Continue reading

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Love your inner dork.

I’m obsessed with jelly beans. All kinds, I don’t discriminate. I love Easter because the abundance of jelly beans and jelly bean flavors is absurd. I love Skittles and Starburst and Nerd flavored jelly beans. I don’t really care for … Continue reading

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The $400 chocolate cake.

That’s about how much the chocolate cake (that we will NEVER be blogging about) that Shaun made two nights ago ended up costing us. Okay. Okay. Now I have to blog about it because I have to tell you what’s … Continue reading

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Ice-pocalypse 2011

We’re not going to get snowed in. We’ve accepted it. We want a snow day, but we also would like a million dollars. Neither are going to happen. We’re both teachers/ educators/ instructors of the world. The likelihood of either … Continue reading

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How do you define normal?

Most people in their mid-20s spend their Friday evenings out drinking, dancing, enjoying the company of other 20-somethings. I spent last night at the grocery store. Then I watched some Food Network. Then I went to the grocery store again. … Continue reading

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And The Award Goes Too….

It’s awards season. You know the time of year that you are forced to sit and stare at the television and look at all the famous people with too much money, that spend more money on a single outfit, that … Continue reading

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