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Spicy Is the New Sweet

So I had the day off yesterday. Rare but wonderful none the less. A couple of weeks, okay, months ago, a reader made a comment on our blog with regard to whether or not there was such a thing as … Continue reading

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Love your inner dork.

I’m obsessed with jelly beans. All kinds, I don’t discriminate. I love Easter because the abundance of jelly beans and jelly bean flavors is absurd. I love Skittles and Starburst and Nerd flavored jelly beans. I don’t really care for … Continue reading

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The $400 chocolate cake.

That’s about how much the chocolate cake (that we will NEVER be blogging about) that Shaun made two nights ago ended up costing us. Okay. Okay. Now I have to blog about it because I have to tell you what’s … Continue reading

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